the week to launch a thousand orders begins

trying VERY HARD to get everything packed...and i mean capital-E, Everything...my checklist is going over the 3-page mark.

such a strange time. excitement mixed with a pretty-much-constant feeling of nausea & restlessness & the feeling that i forgot to do something really important.
here's to great, nay...Amazing things to come. it's a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-dirty kind of time, and i love it.

the picture is from the white dog (bella, aka "bebop") & i trying to capture our homepage image. i had to coerce her with almost an entire bag of chex mix (i bought at kinkos, at the absolute last minute, realizing none of my dogs work without being bribed. i will be a phenomenal mother of fat-kids if i keep this up.)