superior buddha's jump soup

had a GREAT trip. what i was able to get done in 6 days, it would have taken 5+ weeks to do via fedex back & forth. hangzhou is called "the most romantic city in china." & it really is...well, could be, if i wasn't working & locked in my hotel room or the factory.

one of my favorite things about china is the chinglish. the literal translation of a very poetic language. i can't get enough. for instance, what sounds better than superior buddha's jump soup with a side of mullet?
& then there's the other random awesomeness...like this make-shift stroller.can't wait to show you the new pattern & new items being made for molly mutt...really, REALLY exciting stuff!!

ps, i learned how to write 3 characters in mandarin. i'm well on my way to being able to read...just 2997 left. at this rate i will be entirely fluent by 3017. yessssss. (rest of the flickr set.)