molly the mime

the window from whence i do my "night job" (read "twitter & nerd surf the interwebz") has absolutely zero insulation. none. san francisco is great in a million ways. most apartments don't come with heaters or air conditioners, the weather is that mild. but this presents a problem when it's cold outside. my hands FREEZE OFF. it's really bad. i can't put a heater on my desk, that i learned in fire hazard 101. soooooo....i bought these radical diane keaton gloves to pimp out my night time look. (ps, the tshirt message is "guns don't kill people. people with mustaches kill people.")

i REALLY intend to write posts all the time. seriously. i have about 476 things in the arsenal of what-i-want-to-write-about...but every day just slips by. no. scratch that. races by.

so i this is me. the 7th of april. making an outloud commitment to bring you, my loyal follows, LOTS of awesomeness.