the news on the street

oh-me-oh-my. what a week. it's official, there are NOT enough hours in a day to get half the things done that need to get done. remember that lame-o movie with michael keaton, multiplicity? sadly, i dream of this being true about 753 times a day.

no boring you with details. let's focus on something fun. f-u-n, FUN. & what's more fun than stuff for the working girl (or boy) in you. if you spend as much time as i do in & around working...well, let's just say it's time to spice it up a bit. (and let's be real, i am a huge, ginormous geek.) i few things i have on my perpetually growing "molly-wants" list.

the cassette tape is a usb hub. design-win. (though i can't find a place that sells them in the states...blurg.) the thing with the strap is an ipod/iphone holder. well done, for $28 smacks. & last but certainly not least, a wooden laptop case. perhaps a bit bulky, but tres chic. thankfully, it costs 220 euros, so i will not be buying this until i'm 40.

mark your calendars people. in 2019 i will be wanting this laptop case (but to tell the truth, we will all probably not have any need for actual hardware or cases to hold them in by then. probably just your standard issue chips-in-the-brain...a girl can dream.)

night night, punks & princesses.