to the apartment i love (alternate title-weird is underappreciated)

i subscribe to about 476 fancy pants design blogs. the kind that features awesome apartments & decor inspiration & visual candy for everyone & their pig. i love looking at these pictures of meticulously put together rooms & office nooks & modern-meets-retro kitchens.

but i have to come to grips with the truth, people. i will never be one of these decor-elites. i am just too weird & too not-cool to be a guest blogger on design*sponge. now i know there are quite a few of my faithful out there screaming at your computers..."NO MOLLY, you're wrong!! you are so classy-you don't even know it!!" sadly, dear misguided reader, you are dead wrong. don't mistake me, i know what's cool, i will just never Be Cool. or live in a place anyone other than me will find photographable. it's true.
let me explain. i love robots (*noted) & they are in weird places all over my apartment. there are 3 shades of green from the living room to the hallway to the romper room to the bathroom. because i wanted it that way. i have a frame on the wall with nothing in it. not because i am getting a great print "matted" or waiting for the right "piece" to fit the space. no, it's empty on purpose. & the purpose? no idea.
none of my dishes go together-again, by choice. when you have matching plates & cups & bowls,
you tend to get antsy when stuff breaks. i don't need this kind of pressure over dishware...hence my no-matching policy. easy come, easy go.

so there you have it. my apartment pretty much lives off the grid of the design-gurus of blog-o-land. haters to the left.

*curtsies & exits*