foto friday best buds

congratulations to this week's foto friday winners - bomba (on the left) and pharaoh (on the right)!!

these two pups became the best of friends after pharaoh was fostered at bomba's home. he came from the Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT), and within weeks it was discovered that he had distemper. with BRAT’s funding and some time pharaoh survived, but unfortunately very weak and with a tick that made his right foreleg almost inoperable.

that's when bomba decided to become pharaoh's physical therapist- they played chase, wrestled and he encouraged him to jump on and off of every couch and bed in the house ignoring his bad leg. thanks to bomba, pharaoh now is able to run in shorter lure coursing events and is the terror of his house!

stay tuned for next week & always remember anyone can participate. just send us a pic of your pup with an explanation of why they're awesome to help@mollymutt.com - if you're the winner you'll receive 20% off your next molly mutt purchase!