happy (foto) friday!

congratulations to this week's foto friday winners: parker & skye - both adopted pups! parker is a 3 year old schnauzer mix who he loves to learn, play, and see the world. he loves kittens, other dogs, kids, and pretty much everyone else he comes across.

skye is a 3 year old pit bull who is awesome because her energy knows no bounds! she is one of the happiest, silliest dogs around (as seen below!). what makes parker & skye even more awesome is that when it's time to settle down, they love nothing more than a nice loooong nap (and some snoring on skye's part!).

stay tuned for next week & always remember anyone can participate. just send us a pic of your pup with an explanation of why they're awesome to help@mollymutt.com - if you're the winner you'll receive 20% off your next molly mutt purchase!