happy foto friday!

congratulations to this week's foto friday winner: boomer!

boomer was adopted from the humane society, so his past is a mystery. several clues have led his owners to believe that he may have been raised by cats, as he likes to pounce on things much like a cat and is extremely tactile with his paws, including the time he figured out how to get up and walk on the kitchen counter! but like all dogs, he enjoys his sleep. his favorite place to lay is by the window, which you can see with this very pensive photo shot!

don't worry though, he's not mr. serious all the time. we hear he smiles a lot these days.

we've got some exciting stuff happening the month of octoboer! stay tuned for next week & always remember anyone can participate. just send us a pic of your pup with an explanation of why they're awesome to help@mollymutt.com - if you're the winner you'll receive 20% off your next molly mutt purchase!